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  • Nicole's National Challenge Story

    Nicole's National Challenge Story

    "I have officially completed my 1 Year Farrell's National Challenge (that means my last update!) I could not be happier with my results, whether I win or not (it would be nice to win ). I am so grateful for my gym, FXB Brooklyn Park , the owners (Cheryl and Chris) and all of the instructors and members. Without them, I would still be depressed about the person I saw every time I looked in the mirror and still trying to find ways to lose even a small amount of weight. I have officially lost: 64lbs 38inches Sooo many pants/shirt sizes. I’m stronger I’m faster I’m happier I’m healthier I truly believe that if I can achieve these ....

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  • I Truly Look Forward to the Future!

    I Truly Look Forward to the Future! By Brad M., Farrell’s 2020 $10,000 National Challenge Finalist I first heard about Farrells a few years ago. I attended a couple of classes with a friend and was interested but never pulled the trigger. I was a member of a different gym and worked out regularly 3-4 times a week – lifting weights, some cardio, just the usual workouts I had done since playing sports in high school. I would fluctuate up and down 10 lb. week to week. I competed in challenges a couple of times and was always very disciplined and motivated during those challenges, dropping 40 lb and seeing great results. But then when the challenges would end, the ....

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  • FXB: State Fair Saves - Healthy Prep for the State Fair

    FXB: State Fair Saves - Healthy Prep for the State Fair It’s that time of year again. Food on a stick. Deep-fried, delicious distractions from your health plans and fitness goals everywhere you turn. The Minnesota State Fair is known for two things: an incredibly fun time and adding an extra notch to your belt or a little stretch to your yoga pants. But staying true to fitness plans and workout goals doesn’t need to mean saying a definitive no to major events and outings that might get you off track. FXB instructors have some easy tactics and State Fair saves to help you get the most from the Fair’s food experience. Measuring Stick – Make Smarter ....

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  • FXB: Train Like an Olympian—a Q&A with Casey Bloemke, owner of Farrell’s xTreme Bodyshaping in St. Paul, Eden Prairie, and North Loop

    Many of us watched the Olympics saying, “Man, I wish I could be in that sort of shape.” What should people aim for when it comes to their fitness — what’s realistic so you can be in good shape…without the podium or the Wheaties box cover? This is so very simple. The only thing realistic is to compete against you from yesterday. Once we change our thought process away from trying to be someone else, we’re finally set free on a healthy path with our health and fitness. The right question is this: “ Can I give as much or more intentional effort to my health and fitness than I did yesterday?” If the answer is yes, then the results ....

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  • Remember that dream you’ve always had? Be that person, and go after it!

    Remember that dream you’ve always had? Be that person, and go after it! By Amy N., 2020 $10,000 National Challenge Finalist Remember that one dream that’s always been in your heart? It’s big, it’s scary, but it holds a spark that fires every time you think of it? Growing up, I played sports in high school; and as an adult, I still enjoy games/activities. I love watching athletes perform on the greatest stage they've trained for. Whether it’s a high school football game or the Olympics. Learning about their journey, seeing their passion come through for the sport. Their dedication, real fight, and grit show up, making their souls shine through. ....

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  • The Ember has Become a Fire

    The Ember has Become a Fire

    By Connie Roetzer, Farrell’s $10,00 National Challenge Finalist I began my journey with Farrell’s on January 5, 2019. I was your typical middle-aged woman - in my 50’s, married, grown children that live outside the home, and aging parents that have needed my emotional support. I had recently gone through a lot of really big changes in my life and, looking back, I didn’t end up handling them too well. On top of everything else, I’d also grown increasingly overweight (and was so tired of being so). On the outside, I was positive, well-adjusted, happy, and making some pretty funny excuses for being “big-boned”. On the inside, I ....

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  • 5 Full Body Stretches For Your Office

    5 Full Body Stretches For Your Office

    There is no denying the fact that most of us should be stretching more. But let’s be honest, how many of us actually have the time to do this... let alone meal prep, get to the gym, show up to work, and have time for family? Well, your days of deciding between 10 more minutes of sleep or getting up early to stretch before your gym session are over. Why? Because new research has found that stretching does not have to be an elaborate, lengthy routine. Even five minutes per major muscle group per week is enough to reap the benefits.¹ That equates to about one minute per day for each body region! Certainly, we can handle this even on our busiest days. ....

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  • The Unexpected Benefits of Kickboxing

    The Unexpected Benefits of Kickboxing

    The Unexpected Benefits of Kickboxing Kickboxing is one of the top fitness trends of 2021, and it is definitely here to stay. This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout will leave you feeling breathless, sweaty, and invincible [1] , no matter what your fitness level is! But there is so much more to kickboxing than punching, kicking, and getting your sweat on. Before we dive into the unexpected benefits of kickboxing, let’s get to know what kickboxing is all [2] about and why you should try it today. Kickboxing 101 Kickboxing is a form of martial arts, combined with combative sport ....

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  • The Coaster Has Finally Reached the Station

    The Coaster Has Finally Reached the Station

    The Coaster Has Finally Reached the Station By Bobby Turnquist Farrell’s National Challenge Finalist My entire adult life has been a rollercoaster ride of weight. Even in high school, I was never happy with the way I looked. I was never what one would call “fat”, but I always carried a little extra. Thankfully, I was also blessed with a pretty decent athletic ability. This kept me active and is likely why I was not an obese teenager. I never had a grasp on good nutrition and have always eaten whatever I wanted. Surely, as I have discovered over the last year, this was going to catch up with me eventually… I graduated from High school weighing ....

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  • Get Sparkling!

    Get Sparkling!

    How To Spruce Up Your Water Intake Regime We all know how important it is to rehydrate after a sweaty kickboxing or strength training workout. Research has shown that drinking around 64 ounces—or eight, eight-ounce servings—of water each day can help you lose weight and get in shape. But sometimes, plain water just doesn’t quench your thirst. This may have you wondering: Does sparkling water count toward your “eight glasses a day” goal? What is sparkling water? Simply put, sparkling water is just regular water combined with carbon dioxide. The CO2 is what gives sparkling water those addictive bubbles—just like in soda or beer. Sparkling ....

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