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Wendy Langowski, Fitness Instructor

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Wendy Langowski

Why FXB?

Fall of 2014…  My big-box gym workouts were getting stale—I was doing the same thing day after day, I hated the treadmill, I wasn’t motivated to go, and my regular attendance was slipping.  And I was starting to put back on some of the 40+ pounds that I had worked so hard to shed.  That, quite honestly, terrified me.  I joined Farrell’s that October.  I had been physically active and regularly working out, but that first day I seriously wondered if I had made the right choice!  Over five years later I am still challenged during every workout and motivated to go to class.  I love the inclusive, no judgement, everyone is ready to help environment.  About a year and a half into my journey, I inquired about instructing.  I wanted to share my experiences with others.  Instructing keeps me motivated to attend class regularly, to continue to work on and improve my form, and to keep my nutrition in check.  Through injuries, illness, vacations or personal slumps, I always know the gym is waiting for me.  Since my very first 10-week session Farrell’s has always been more than just a gym. #lovemyfxb



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